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How Marketing isn’t as Bad as You Think..! 

Marketing is a game of perception. People assume marketing is just about advertising or selling products but this is not the whole story. It’s all about creating a perception in the minds of customers. 

Brand perception is the most important thing today. For example, when we think about chocolate, Cadbury comes to mind first, similarly Package water- Bisleri, Toothpaste-Colgate, Noodles –Maggie, etc., 

Cadbury is the brand and dairy milk is a product of Cadbury, but when everyone visits shops, they ask for Cadbury and then the shopkeeper asks which one dairy milk, KitKat, Munch, etc. Nestle is a brand and KitKat & Munch is the chocolate product of Nestle, but Cadbury creates a different perception in the world of chocolate. 

Similarly, if anyone wants to buy bottled water or packaged water, they will ask for a bisleri bottle. bisleri creates different perceptions in the packaged water category. 

What is Marketing? 

Marketing is a method of attracting potential customers to buy your products and services. 

Marketing starts before creating a product. Nobody needs your products they need solutions for their problems or something that makes their day-to-day work easier. Marketing is fulfilling your customer’s pain points. 

It doesn’t make sense to make a key and then run around looking for a lock to open. The only productive solution is to find a lock and then fashion a key. -by Seth Godin, This is Marketing.

People don’t know exactly what they want, you need to understand their requirements and accordingly, you have to develop the product. After developing a product, you need to tell them the necessity of the product. Need to convince them and tell them to use it. Gradually they get used to it and become a part of their lives. 

Marketing is identifying and meeting customer’s needs profitably. 

Sale is one of the components of marketing. 

Marketing is about sending the right message, to the right person, at the right time. 

“STP” is an effective way of marketing. 

STP is a marketing technique that is used to identify potential customers. It is used to discover groups of people who have the same need or want to fulfill the same need. 

STP stands for “Segmentation, Targeting, and Positioning”. 

Segmentation-Divide the market, based on geographic location, demographics, lifestyle, and culture. 

Targeting -Targeting identified audience, Specific client target. 

Positioning-Value offering, specific Customer, who is going to use. 

Marketing should be disciplined and flexible. Constantly adapting new things, a good marketer never stops learning new things and continuously improve marketing strategy as per current market situations. But not leave core value. 

Marketing should be always value-driven. Creating values, exchanging values, communicating values, and delivering values. Effective marketing help to create the perfect product. 

The product should not be one thing it should be an inspiration for all users. For example, Nike. 

Nike is an inspiration to many athletes. 

Nike’s mission as a company is to bring the world together through sports, strengthen active communities, and create equal opportunities for all athletes. While many people see athletes winning and competing, Nike sees heroes, who help to advance, enrich and inspire society. 

Information plays important role in marketing. Before beginning your journey and taking action, research is an important part of creating a strategy. To develop a marketing strategy, need to collect information timely and appropriate manner. More information more successful your strategy. 

Digital Marketing vs. Traditional Marketing 

Traditional Marketing 

Traditional marketing is a type of marketing where marketers use traditional platforms such as print media and broadcast media, etc. 

Traditional marketing channels include: 

  1. Outdoor (Billboards, bus/taxi wraps, posters, etc.) 
  2. Broadcasting (TV, Radio, etc.) 
  3. Print (Magazines, newspapers, etc.) 
  4. Direct Mail (catalogs etc.) 
  5. Telemarketing (Phone, text message) 
  6. Window display and signs

Digital Marketing 

“Marketing effort using the Internet” 

Digital Marketing is making use of the web and resources like videos, blogs, email to succeed in targeting customers and drive sales of a product. 

Some of the common digital marketing methods are: 

  1. Search Engine Marketing 
  2. Search Engine Optimization 
  3. Email Marketing 
  4. Social Media Optimization 
  5. Social Media Marketing 
  6. Affiliate Marketing 
  7. Content Marketing 

Niche Selection 

What is a Niche? 

Niche is a specific target area to provide better service. It is a focused targeted area that is suitable for you or you serve particularly well. 

It’s small, Specific, and one thing. 

Niches are something which gives you good buildup or bad downfall, Niche selection is very important to start a profitable business. 

How to choose a Good Niche? 

 Talent, Market and Passion are all three parameters that are very important for the selection of niche. All are directly-indirectly proportional to each other. 

Suppose, if you are passionate about something and you have talent also but there is no market for that things then 100% it will fail. 

Similarly, you have good talent and market but you are not passionate about something then you will get bored after some time in that particular area. 

Therefore, Success and Wealth depend on your Niche. 

CATT Marketing Funnel 

Marketing Funnel– A marketing funnel describes your customer’s journey with you, from the initial stage to the purchase stage. 

By evaluating your funnels, you can potentially drive greater sales, more loyalty, and stronger brand awareness. 


Where “n” stands for chosen Niche of category/subcategory. 

CATT stands for – 

C= Content – Creating useful content that attracts people from the niche i.e., through blogs, videos, lead magnets, live webinars, etc. 

A= Attention – Drive attention traffic to your content using social media, paid ads, and Referrals. 

T= Trust – Built deep trust with the audiences. 

T= Transaction – Convert leads into customers with the natural sales method. 

Integrated Digital Marketing 

The above flowchart describes the process of integrated digital marketing. Each one serves a unique function. 

Content marketing leads the whole cycle, creating useful quality content attracting the audience, building trust and it helps for exchange the product/Service information. 

Paid ads and email marketing methods boost the above useful content to the right time to the right audience. 

The same content is available on search engines, so it’s also ranked. 

Social media helps to get more engagement. And with the help of all conversion starts. 

All have good strengths but if you want excellent results then the strengths of each method are needed to use most effectively. All are needed to integrate. 

Above every method is involved in your customer’s journey from the initial stage to the purchase stage. 

Personal Branding: MassTrust Blueprint 

It is an ongoing process of developing and maintaining a reputation and impression of an individual, group, or organization. 

 Your personal brand is how you promote yourself. 

Showcasing your personal value. 

It’s a way we can naturally build relationships and connections with people throughout the world. 

We all want to work with people we’re inspired by, and this is true for companies as well as individuals. 

Never let marketing become more important than the product. Great products sell its self. A great product converts your customers into brand ambassadors. 

Evolution of personal brand 


Learn – Learn new skills. If you want to someone invest in you have to invest in yourself first., it should be any form, In terms of knowledge, in terms of money, etc. 

Work – Work with a people/ company where you get the right experience or as a freelancer, to understand more about the newly acquired skill through working. 

Blog – With previous experience, create some excellent content, you can start writing a blog with help of your content. Identify your Niche and start to write a blog around your Niche. You can improve your skill over time. 

Consult – Once you gather enough experience from your Blog and your work, you can start to provide consultancy service to your customer. It’s one to one interaction. Its help you to understand customers’ problem and build trust between them by solving their problem. 

Mentor – Based on the all-previous experience, you can work as a Mentor to others who want proper guidance in their career. 

Startup – In this stage, put all your experiments and knowledge to start your own business. you can continue Blogging /Consulting /Mentoring. 

There are many benefits and falls associated with personal branding. The downside is it is not either be sold or invested. The upside is he can rise his influence and become the brand ambassador. 


Why Marketing- Marketing is a big concept itself. Others are just tools that make marketing easier. All tools are having their own strengths. By implementing and practicing all tools we can create different strategies for different products. Learning the basic fundamentals of marketing is important. Tools are changing day by day but the concept of marketing Is constant. 

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